#12035: Tips to Avoid Texting Scams

Over the weekend, I was catching up with a friend. He got a text during our conversation and stopped to look at it. It was someone requesting a charitable donation to help those hurt by COVID-19. When my friend read the text to me, there were two things that stood out immediately: the text had a pretty noticeable grammar mistake … Read more »

#11940: We Are By Your Side, Achieving More Together

Educators Credit Union is here to help you get through these difficult times. While we may be facing challenges right now, a brighter tomorrow is around the corner. To help you be ready for that day, Educators Credit Union is here now, helping you with car loans, savings account and everything in between. When we work together, we achieve more … Read more »

#11938: Important: Phone and Text Scams

Recently, individuals in our service area have received texts pretending to be from their financial institution regarding fraudulent transactions. We would like to remind our members that Educators Credit Union will never send a text asking for the CVV authentication number on the back of your card. This is a type of fraud known as smishing. If you receive a … Read more »

#11885: By Your Side: What We Know About the Federal Stimulus Check

On Friday, March 27, the federal government finalized a $2.2 trillion stimulus package that includes emergency payments of up to $1,200 per eligible taxpayer. More information has been coming out about those payments. Because there’s been a lot of confusion and assumptions about this money, we’re gathering what information we know about the payments. Who gets the check? If you … Read more »

#11883: Save a Trip to the Branch

Educators Credit Union offers many digital services to help you save yourself a trip to the branch. We made a quick cheat sheet to help you find a service that will save yourself a drive and some time! Need to make a withdrawal? Get cash from one of our 50,000 fee-free nationwide ATMs! Using the Branches & ATMs page of … Read more »

#11882: By Your Side: Protecting You From Spoofing

You get a call, pick up your phone and look at who’s calling. It’s a familiar name or business, maybe the IRS or even the police department. You pick up the phone, but something sounds… wrong. Maybe it’s a robotic voice or someone who’s saying things that don’t make sense. This is a common type of fraud called spoofing. The … Read more »

#11872: If You Need a New Card, Call Us First!

Educators Credit Union can still help you replace lost, stolen, or damaged credit and debit cards at our branches, but before you go pick yours up, you MUST call 262.886.5900 and order it. It takes a bit of time to print new cards. When you call before heading to the branch, it saves time for everyone involved. Cards need to … Read more »

#11837: Protecting Yourself From Phishing

Most of us have heard of phishing. It’s one of the most common types of fraud because most everyone has an email. Phishing is when an email sender tries to trick you into giving out your person information. Often, it involves a fraudster pretending to be someone you trust. To protect yourself from phishing: Don’t send personal and financial information … Read more »