Fraud and Theft Protection

Stay current on common fraud attacks and safe practices.

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  • romance scam on phone

    Avoid Being a Dating Scam Victim

    If you’re contacted online by someone who appears interested in you. He or she may may be a fraudster. Don’t be a victim. Check out these five tips to avoid a dating scam.

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  • house security

    Avoiding Wire Fraud: Home Settlement Funds

    Follow the tips below to avoid losing your home settlement funds in a wire fraud scam.

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  • man online shopping

    Common Merchandise Scams

    Don’t let fraudsters steal your money or your personal information through scams. Here are some common scams you could encounter and some tips to protect yourself.

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  • security

    Handling a Data Breach

    Did you recently get a notice that says your personal information was exposed in a data breach?

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    Keeping Your Identity Private

    It doesn’t take much to be the victim of identity theft. The only thing an identity thief needs is a few personal details.

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    Protecting Your Identity

    Awareness and prevention are very important when it comes to protecting your identity. It’s best to simply assume all your information is already out there on the internet in some form.

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