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Ask EVA™: Telephone Banking

Manage your account with just a phone call.

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Educators Voice Assistant (ASK EVA™)

Use ASK EVA™ to quickly check account balances, make transfers and pay loans using voice or keypad commands at 800.236.3168.

Here's how it works

  • Ask EVA

    Quick Access

    ASK EVA™ is responsive to your requests, even if it’s not listed in the menu. Use quick access commands to jump right to the account or transaction you want to check.

    View the pHrases (PDF)

  • Mobile Phone

    Voice or Touch

    ASK EVA™ is designed to meet your needs. Use your voice or your phone’s number pad to guide your way through ASK EVA’s services during any time, day or night.

    Call ask eva™ Today

  • Learn About Educators

    Similar to Touch Tone Teller

    For those members who enjoyed Touch Tone Teller, you can still use those codes and commands with ASK EVA™. Call 262.886.5900 to be set up as an expert user.

    View the codes (PDF)