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Home Loans

Loans to make your house a home.

Woman hugs man in new house as they are unpacking boxes

Loans to help you buy,
build and improve your home.

Whether you need a mortgage for a new home, refinance options for your current mortgage, a loan to improve your home, or to use the equity from your home for another project, Educators has the loan product for you.

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    Buy a Home

    Educators Credit Union services all our mortgages in house, so our first-class service doesn’t stop after your mortgage closing.


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    Loans for all stages of the homebuying process.

    When you refinance with a loan from Educators you can experience low rates to reduce interest paid on your current mortgage or reduce your monthly payment.


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    Home Equity and HELOC Loans

    Use the equity you have built in your primary residence with our Fixed Home Equity Loans or Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC).