Meet Neil!

Neil is our Business Development Officer here at Educators Credit Union. Contact him to see the unique ways he can help your business grow by calling 262.321.7408 or by emailing him at

Spring Car Event with Educators and AutoWerks

Did you know that Educators Credit Union endorses AutoWerks Pre-owned Auto Sales? AutoWerks, located next to the Educators’ Sturtevant branch, is ready to help you save on your next car at the Spring Car Event April 13-15! Come to AutoWerks, and take advantage of: Used car and trades at no-haggle pricing A no cost, three-day return policy and 60-day protection … Read more »

Back to school deals

I like to think that my family has become old pros at school supply shopping. We know how to keep an eye out for back to school deals all year round. Here’s some suggestions we use that might help you keep BTS costs down. Re-use it. This is probably my child’s least favorite tip. We have re-used backpacks, binders, scissors, … Read more »

August — a month of saving

August is a great month for buying discounted swimsuits, flip flops and tank tops, but what else is on sale this month? Dorm/College Living — Linens and towels go on sale for college students beginning in August. You will also see storage solutions, small scale furniture and organizational items go on sale for the college crowd, but anyone can take … Read more »

Budget: The dreaded “b” word

A budget is very important to help save money and keep your finances on track. I want to be able to help out any way I can, but this topic is going be extremely hard for me to get technical with. Budget is the dreaded “b” word to me. I’m confessing now, I am NOT a numbers person at all, I do … Read more »

Do you have an emergency cash fund? You should.

The first step in getting financially healthy is having an emergency cash fund. It seems like a giant task to accomplish, especially if you have debt. And when you read that you’re supposed to have three to six months of expenses … that’s a lot of money. But an emergency fund doesn’t have to start out with three to six … Read more »

6 ways to save money without trying too hard

I’m not sure about your family, but when the middle of summer hits my family goes into a different mode … we get a little lazy. It’s warm, school’s out, we have trips and vacations to think about and we become pretty casual. There are many times our money-saving mode is nowhere in sight. We have a few sure-fire ways … Read more »

July — a month of saving

We’re creatures of habit. And retailers are, too. They have a month-to-month routine on what they put on sale. And July savings can be plentiful, if you know what to look for. It’s good to have a plan and budget for items that go on sale or clearance during certain times of the year. I personally have a small reserve in place … Read more »