80 for 80 Years: Part Three (Items 11-15)

We’ve had a busy 2017!  In celebration of our 80th anniversary, we’ve decided to put together a blog series highlighting eighty different products, services, events, giveaways and sponsorships that took place in 2017. If you missed our blog posts with the first 10 items, you can find 1-5 here and 6-10 here. We will be posting five each week until the end of … Read more »

4th of July Events in Southeastern Wisconsin

We want to keep you updated on some of the events in our area to celebrate the Fourth of July. Here is a list of all the parades, festivals and fireworks near each of our branches so you can celebrate America’s freedom in as many ways as possible!  Kenosha 7/2 – Kenosha Civic Veteran’s Parade at 1 p.m. beginning at … Read more »

The Rundown of the 88Nine Block Party

This weekend, 88Nine Radio Milwaukee rocked its neighborhood with its first ever block party presented by Educators Credit Union! The block party was a celebration of 88Nine’s 10th anniversary. 88Nine never misses an opportunity to put its city on display, and it brought together some of the best things Milwaukee has to offer.     On stage, great local Milwaukee … Read more »

Educators Presents Jazz in the Park!

June is finally here, and Educators is kicking off the first of the month at Jazz in the Park in Milwaukee! Jazz in the Park is a free, outdoor, summer music series featuring an eclectic lineup of jazz, big band, funk, R&B, reggae, blues and more. The full range of performers either come from across town, the state, and even … Read more »

Meet Neil!

Neil is our Business Development Officer here at Educators Credit Union. Contact him to see the unique ways he can help your business grow by calling 262.321.7408 or by emailing him at nstaeck@ecu.com.

Local Businesses Matter

The heart of any local community revolves around the presence and success of local businesses. Instead of the top profit margins going to CEOs and corporations in other parts of the U.S. and across the globe, the money stays locally and gets put back in to the hometown infrastructure. Educators Credit Union is your local credit union. In 1937, Educators … Read more »

Supporting Yourself by Purchasing Locally

It’s a decision that you’re probably faced with on an almost daily basis:  Should you buy your goods from a “big box” store, or from a smaller local business.  There are grassroots movements all over the country urging people to “buy local,” and some recent studies have provided some surprising results, showing that the positive economic impact of buying local … Read more »

Why Local Matters: The Importance of Supporting Local NPOs

Non-profit organizations or NPOs are created to serve the public’s interest. Some organizations function on national or even international levels and others focus on the needs of a particular community. Supporting local non-profit organizations can create better living conditions for many groups of individuals. Such organizations typically rely on donations to function and to achieve their goal. When choosing what … Read more »

Financial (and Emotional) Benefits of Supporting Local Businesses

How do you shop? Each person has particular rituals and a range of brands or product varieties of preference. Supporting local businesses is becoming a major trend that many consumers are starting to embrace. The advantages range from affordable prices to being capable to give back to the community. Looking for reasons to start buying local products? Here are the … Read more »