#2333: Get rewarded when you get an Educators credit card

During June, open a new Educators credit card and you will get bonus Points for Perks reward points, as well as double Points for Perks reward points through September 30. Apply online or visit any Educators location to apply for your new Educators credit card* and you’ll get 7,500 bonus Points for Perks reward points, equivalent to $50 reward, when the … Read more »

#2262: New credit card fraud monitoring process means changes

Educators’ credit card processing vendor will update the alert system for potential credit card fraud. The new process allows for much quicker cardholder contact, meaning fraud can be caught much sooner. The steps are detailed below and will go into effect on May 25. Cardholders are encouraged to add the fraud number to their mobile phones as “Educators Fraud Center” … Read more »

#1060: Let Educators Advise You

It’s always good to take advantage of the resources around you. When it comes to Educators, those resources never seem to end. Make sure you are getting involved and getting the help and assistance you need to ensure your money is working for you. The goal of adding a resource section is to “educate and advise.” No one is trying … Read more »

#644: Avoiding Scams and Identity Theft, Part I

With tax season officially over, con artists and scammers are turning their attention back to financial institutions. With the amount of data that is just floating around online, it’s no wonder the authorities can’t keep up with the latest data-theft techniques. You have worked very hard for your money, and Educators wants to help make sure you keep it. Here … Read more »

#1033: Getting Your Children on the Right Financial Track

Educators Credit Union has always had a focus on the teacher and student. In 1937, when Educators was established, it was called the Racine Teachers’ Credit Union. That philosophy of helping young minds grow and assisting those in the educational field hasn’t stopped. That’s why Educators want you and your children to be financially educated so that when the real … Read more »

#595: New Year’s Budget Tips

A lot of people in Milwaukee, Racine and in cities across the country have made New Year’s resolutions, and by now, most of those good intentions have probably been all but discarded. It’s not too late, however, to try again, especially when it comes to dealing with your money. Whether you have outlined a new budget, identified a problem spending … Read more »

#1007: Why Credit Matters When Buying a Car

It should be stated, first thing, that a lot of young Americans don’t have excellent credit. That’s not an indictment on the youth of the United States, but more a result of how the whole system is set up. Your credit is calculated and then listed as a score. Your credit score can vary, depending on who is running the … Read more »

#410: 4 Ways To Protect Your Children From Identity Theft

Although children are not often considered when one thinks of identity theft, a child’s blank and clean credit history makes them ideal targets for identity thieves. Children are generally more difficult for thieves to target because there are not nearly as many documents floating around with their personal information on it as there are for working adults. However, that does … Read more »

#1000: Improve Your Credit In Three Simple Ways

Everyone knows the simple fact that the higher your credit score is, the more you benefit in financial situations. This includes everything from your interest rate on a home or car loan, the amount of down payment required on a loan, if you are qualified to rent to, or even in extreme cases whether or not a company will hire … Read more »