#11304: Dealing with Illness

Keep your fingers on the pulse of your financial health. Serious sickness can strike both suddenly and unexpectedly. And its effects can be devastating to your emotional health, your financial resources, and your long-term plans. But if you’re prepared, it’s possible to weather an illness. How Illness Hits Remember that when you or someone you love gets sick or is … Read more »

#11158: Educators Credit Union Celebrates Twenty-Eight Saver’s Sweepstakes Winners

The thirteenth Saver’s Sweepstakes drawing was held on October 10th and twenty-eight Educators Credit Union members were lucky winners! Donna C. was the lucky Educators Credit Union member that won $5000! Three Educators Credit Union members, Vickie B, Rita E. and Maria B. won $1000 each. Here are the twenty-four Educators Credit Union members that won $100 in the Saver’s … Read more »

#11058: It’s Important to Know…

It’s important to know why credit unions are different. Yes, most credit unions offer competitive rates, fewer fees and local service, but the real difference is you. When you opened your account at Educators Credit Union, it was much bigger than opening an account at most financials. With that $5 deposit, you became a business owner. Everyone who has an … Read more »

#11006: New and Improved Online Membership Applications

It’s now easier than ever to join Educators Credit Union! If you or a friend want to become an Educators Credit Union member, visit www.ecu.com and hit the join button. That link goes to a great new web form that can quickly help you establish your new account. Just follow the instructions and then you’ll get a follow-up email with … Read more »

#10621: Starting Back at Square One

It’s always a good idea to take what you’ve learned and periodically take it back to square one. That building block is often the foundation for reaching your goals. With your personal finance, square one is budgeting. At least once every six months, you should: Review your budget for any big changes. Did your income change? Do you have a … Read more »

#10571: ECU.com, ahora en español

Educators Credit Union’s website is now available in Spanish! To ensure our Spanish-speaking members have the option to learn about our products and services in the language they are most comfortable with, we’ve had everything on www.ecu.com translated. To view the Spanish version of our website, simply click the “En Español” link near the top of the page. Thank you … Read more »