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Financial resources for teachers, students, children and adults

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Did you know Educators Credit Union offers financial resources for teachers, students, children and adults?

At Educators, we’re committed to providing free, easily accessible financial literacy year-round. To browse through our library of free financial resources, visit the “Tools and Resources” tab at

Under this tab you will find:

Financial Tools: Master your personal finances with Lea, the GreenPath Virtual Financial Coach and Zogo, a user-friendly app1 that combines rewarding games with lessons about finances.

Credit Reports: View daily credit score updates and receive email alerts whenever something changes with your credit score by using the Credit Report Widget powered by SavvyMoney®. You can Enroll today in Online and Mobile Banking.

Calculators: Access these financial calculators to discover how long it will take to reach savings goals, how much your mortgage payments will be, how much you need to pay off debt and more!

Resources for Teachers: Gain access to programs that meet the expectations set for financial literacy education by the Wisconsin Department of Education.

Resources for Students: Prepare for college by learning how much college will cost, finding reliable sources of aid, and calculating your student loan repayments.

Resources for the Community: Receive answers to your money questions, teach your children about finances at home, and learn how upcoming financial decisions like loans or new bill payments will affect your budget.

1The Zogo app is for members 13 years old and up.


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