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Access Your Direct Deposit Letter in Online Banking

Woman looking at a letter while at a computer

Did you know you can now receive your direct deposit letter in Online Banking?

All members can now use the Direct Deposit Letter Widget in Online Banking to access the information needed to complete an employer’s direct deposit form or to set up bills online to be paid via ACH.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log into Online Banking.
  2. Click the “Direct Deposit Letter Widget.”
  3. Select the share you would like to use for your direct deposit or withdrawal by clicking the “Select an account” dropdown menu.
  4. Click “Generate PDF.”
  5. The PDF will appear, and you can print this form or download it to your device. The PDF will contain all the information you need for direct deposit or withdrawal.

Visit to get started today! Once you click the link and log in, you will be directed straight to the Direct Deposit Widget. Please note, this service is not currently available in Mobile Banking, but will be available in the future!

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