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Happy International Credit Union Day!

Happy International Credit Union Day!

Each year, Educators Credit Union, along with other credit unions worldwide, celebrates International Credit Union Day! The third Thursday of October has been dedicated to honoring credit unions and all their members since its launch in 1948. This day highlights the active role credit unions play in the financial wellness of communities across the globe and reflects the importance of its history and principals.

This year’s theme, building financial health for a brighter tomorrow™, illustrates how credit unions help members worldwide maintain strong financial foundations. Educators is committed to helping members make informed financial decisions through educating and advising. Unlike other financials that function as “for-profit,” credit unions have a “People Helping People” foundation. This means credit unions like Educators make decisions with our members at the forefront, a principle that will never change.

For more than 80 years, Educators has provided exceptional financial services to our members! Educators wants to celebrate International Credit Union Day by hearing from the most important part of the movement, our members. Stop by our Facebook page for trivia throughout the day and to tell us what you love about being a credit union member! Thank you for being a loyal member of Educators!


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  1. I am really proud to be a credit Educators member because of the many benefits and accounts protected and the the immediate assistance I can get when I’m in need even when I’m outside the country. Credit Unions the best 👌

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