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Educators donates $10,000 for new CPR equipment

New CPR equipment

On June 30, Educators Credit Union and the South Shore Fire Department joined together to celebrate Educators Credit Union’s $10,000 donation for the purchase of new CPR equipment. The donation will help the department host CPR trainings on-site and in the community.

“We were able to essentially double the size of CPR equipment to provide more in-house training and training to neighboring agencies and people in the public,” said Mike Wienke, battalion chief of the South Shore Fire Department.

In the past, the department had to borrow or rent CPR equipment to host training classes. Now, South Shore firefighters and paramedics can complete all training with their own equipment. The donation provided eight adult mannequins, eight infant mannequins and AEDs that are specifically designed for CPR training.

“When Educators Credit Union found out about an opportunity to help the South Shore Fire Department buy new CPR equipment for the community, it was an easy decision,” said Shannon Huot, chief experience officer at Educators Credit Union. “This donation will help save lives.”

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