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uChoose Rewards® Update: Common Questions and Concerns

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We appreciate your patience as we address your concerns and questions regarding uChoose Rewards®. Here are just a few of the common questions and concerns we have received. For a full list of FAQs, please visit

How come all my points are not showing up?

After you register for uChoose Rewards®, you can easily link your cards to combine points by visiting the “Link Account” page on the uChoose Rewards® website. If you have multiple debit or credit cards under one shared account, you can link those also. You only have to link your other cards once, and they will be linked permanently. For a detailed tutorial on how to link your other Educators debit and credit cards, please visit—linking-accounts to access the interactive demonstration on our Digital Academy platform.

Do I need to register each of my cards with a different username and password?

No, there is one account login for all your Educators cards. Just register using one of your cards and link all other cards by visiting the “Link Account” page on the uChoose Rewards® website.

Can I still redeem my points for Educators products and services?

Yes! You can still redeem your points for the same in-house specials. Please contact us ( to redeem your points for these specials.

uChoose Rewards® is saying my information doesn’t match when I attempt to register.

Some members are experiencing issues when entering the name that appears on their card and their zip code. If this happens, please try entering in your full first name, middle initial, and full last name. If the issue persists, please call our cards department at 262.886.5900

Please note that soon, uChoose Rewards® will be fully integrated into Online and Mobile Banking, and you will be able to enjoy a seamless single sign-on process.

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