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Protect Yourself from an Increase in Fraud Attempts

Keeping Your Identity Private

Educators Credit Union has been notified of a recent wave of fraud attempts. Here are three of the common scams.

  • Fake fraud alert scam: First, scammers will call stating there is potential fraud from Target, Walmart or similar stores on the member’s debit or credit card. Next, the member will receive a text message that states where and when the fraud took place. Third, the member is prompted to press “Y for valid” or “N if unauthorized,” and then guided to put in the CVV number from their card. If you find yourself in this situation, immediately hang up, and do not enter your CVV number. This is a fraud attempt. Remember, never click on links provided in unsolicited text messages or emails. Educators Credit Union will never ask for a CVV or PIN number to verify fraud.
  • Apple Pay or Samsung Pay activation scam: A scammer will send a text message or an email with a code asking a member to activate Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. Once this text message is received, the scammer will guide the member to provide them the code which gives access to the member’s Apple Pay or Samsung Pay account. Remember, never give out any codes when activating your account. Educators Credit Union will never need this information.
  • ECU Falcon Fraud services scam: Members are receiving phone calls from a scammer who says they are from ECU Falcon Fraud services. The scammer then asks for personal information such as account number, CVV number, PIN number and other information. If you receive a call from anyone asking for this information, immediately hang up. Educators Credit Union will never initiate a call to any member asking for personal banking information.

Another way to protect your Educators credit and debit cards from fraud is to download the CardValet® app. The CardValet® app allows you to turn your debit and credit cards on and off, receive instant notifications and implement spending restrictions, all with the click of a button. Click here for more information and to download the app.

Be diligent and take caution to keep yourself safe from fraud. When in doubt, please contact Educators Credit Union directly, and one of our representatives can verify if it was Educators contacting you.

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