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Introducing … Mind & Money!

boy doing laundry earning money for mind & money

Being a parent can be busy! Mind & Money1 is a FREE tool that helps parents strike the perfect balance between rewarding their children and teaching them real-world financial lessons.

With Mind & Money, children and teens can:

  • Receive their own debit card.
  • Earn allowance.
  • Get paid for doing chores and tasks.
  • Learn the importance of saving and money management.
  • Borrow money from parents with or without interest.
  • Set financial goals and stick to a budget.
  • Get rewarded for good grades and other accomplishments.
  • Request money.

Enrolling in Mind & Money is easy! If your child already has an Educators account, and you are a joint owner, just log in to Online or Mobile Banking and click Mind & Money under the “Accounts” tab to get started. If your child needs an account first, visit

For more information and frequently asked questions, visit

1Restrictions apply.


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