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It’s I Love My Credit Union Day!

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Today, the credit union movement will come together once again to show the world how being part of a credit union makes a difference. As your credit union, we invite you to join us on Facebook today and use #ilovemycreditunion to share what Educators Credit Union means to you!

What you can do:

It’s easy! Just use #ilovemycreditunion and give us a shout-out on Facebook. Did you have a great service experience? Do you have a great memory that involves Educators? This is the perfect time to share it! You can even snap a selfie while visiting one of our branches and show your friends you have the inside scoop on the credit union difference! There will also be contests throughout today on our Facebook page at

Join the fun! Share how Educators has made the difference for you. Don’t forget to use hashtag: #ilovemycreditunion!


27 thoughts

  1. The sweetest workers!! Helps you understand anything that is difficult. I wouldn’t bank anywhere else!!

  2. Just the word UNION makes it all come together for me. It makes me think we are all together, safe and have no worries like big banks cause their depositors.

  3. I love my credit union because it is like having a membership to a club. One obtains reasonable loan rates for cars and houses. The saving rates are great too. I can count on them to treat me well. They answer all of my questions and they are kind and courteous.

  4. I love my credit union because they have helped us save lots of money and build our credit up again

  5. I love my credit union because they helped me out with a smaller interest rate on my car loan. They’re very friendly & helpful.

  6. I love my credit union because it’s responsive to the needs of all customers: the rich and the poor alike!

  7. I literally love Educators Credit Union they are the best they’re understanding they work with you they go all the way to make sure everything works for you I love them

  8. I have been with this credit uno for so long, I have named my daycare after my favorite credit union. “Honest Home Educare Academy”. Keep up the great work…

  9. Been with ECU for 50+ yrs. We’ve always been very satisfied w/them. Good customer service/have always been very friendly & helpful w/any questions we might have.

  10. I love my credit Union Any and everything I need they have it no problem thanks for everything!

  11. I’ve lived abroad for 7 years, I’ve been a member for 12, and you guys are still always there for me. I love my credit union, really truly!

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