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Happy National Teachers’ Day!

A teacher doing a science experiment

Today is National Teachers’ Day! Every day, teachers show up as educators, mentors, coaches, cheerleaders and so much more. We appreciate all teachers do for their students inside and outside the classroom!

Here are a few ways you can celebrate the educators in your life.

  • Find out what books are needed for their classroom and donate a few.
  • Give a teacher something to help them practice a little self-care, like a journal, a nice-smelling candle or a spa gift card.
  • Gift a small plant along with a message about how much your child or family member has grown in class this year.
  • Send a gift card for sweet treats or classroom supplies.
  • Reach out to the teacher in your life personally with a handwritten note or an email to let them know how much they are appreciated.
  • Make a poster filled with thank you notes from fellow parents, guardians and students.
  • Send over their favorite treat and/or drink for them to enjoy.

Happy National Teachers’ Day!

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