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Happy Financial Literacy Month!

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April is a special month here at Educators Credit Union! One way we live out our vision to advocate for and empower our community is by providing free, in-depth and easily accessible financial education. Here are just a few of the financial literacy tools we offer for the whole family that you can start using today!

Resources for adults:

  • The Credit Report Widget powered by SavvyMoney®: Not only can you check your credit score as much or as little as you would like, but you can even review your credit report – all for free!
  • eCoach Lea, Greenpath Virtual Financial Coach: eCoach Lea is ready to help you move forward after a credit decline, pay down debt, and build healthy financial habits.

Resources for students heading off to college:

Resources for children and teens:

  • EVERFI Family Portal: Students can engage in digital lessons about finances! Enroll your student in the program and watch them learn important financial literacy lessons through this interactive course.
  • Banzai Direct: Banzai courses use real-life scenarios to demonstrate the power of good financial planning. These courses teach basic and advanced financial concepts that are tailored to kids, teens and young adults.

A resource for the entire family!

  • Zogo: Earn gift cards while learning with Zogo1! Download the Zogo app to learn about finances through quick lessons and short quizzes. Don’t forget to enter the code EDUCATORS at sign up.

Visit the Tools & Resources tab at for even more tools!


1The Zogo app is for members 13 years old and up.


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