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Educators Member, Gissel Zuniga, Wins EVERFI’s National Financial Literacy Bee

Gissel Zuniga Picture

EVERFI’s second annual National Financial Literacy Bee was held in April during financial literacy month and over 26,000 students participated in some capacity. This virtual challenge covered important lessons on financial topics like saving, investing, income and debt. After completing the lessons, students submitted a short capstone essay about their biggest financial dream and outlined a plan for how to get there. Students 13-18 years old competed for one of three scholarships. Out of 2,800 capstone essay submissions, 17-year-old Gissel Zuniga, Ronald Reagan High School junior, Milwaukee resident and Educators Credit Union member, won the $10,000 grand prize scholarship. Congratulations, Gissel!

Here is an excerpt from her prize-winning essay:

“The EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee has taught me additional investment types that could help me achieve my goal with more attention to my specific needs and timelines. I can apply my newfound knowledge of CDs, bonds, and mutual funds to gain interest on the money I have saved. Furthermore, the correlation between short, medium, and long-term objectives helped me structure the steps and plans I have to actualize my goal of receiving a valuable post-secondary education. I plan to accomplish my medium-term goal of attending dental school by utilizing my two savings accounts at Educators Credit Union. I will also set aside half of my savings already acquired to store in CDs and bonds as a way to gain interest. As time progresses, my part-time job income will be budgeted strictly using the 50/30/20 rule to minimize my spending on wants vs. needs … My goal of having enough money for dental school after college is the first step in a long-term dream of opening my dental practice. By carrying out my medium-term objective, I can give myself the necessary credentials and knowledge I need to succeed. In my eyes, the success I seek is changing lives by transforming smiles to give people confidence in their appearance to pursue their aspirations. With components from various opportunities, like the Financial Literacy Bee, I know I can conquer my dream.”

Educators Credit Union is a proud sponsor of the 2021 EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee and the proud home financial of Gissel Zuniga. Through this partnership with EVERFI, not only are students able to build a strong financial foundation, but they can use this knowledge to secure money for higher education costs. Educators is excited to join EVERFI in connecting students to transformative financial literacy resources in this virtual world. Educators Credit Union members can access the free EVERFI Family Portal through our resource library.

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