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Parent and Child

Banzai Parent Portal

A foundation of financial literacy can make all the difference for your child’s future. You can be a part of teaching your child important financial skills. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Teaching your child is not about being an expert in every topic, it’s about letting them in on the conversation. With the Banzai parent portal, you have access to a huge library of financial literacy content with no special login or code needed.
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Zogo Finance

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Do you want to earn gift cards by learning about your finances? Download the Zogo app and you can learn about financial education through quick lessons and then test your knowledge with short quizzes. Correctly answer the quiz questions and you’ll collect pineapples. Collect enough pineapples and you can earn gift cards to Amazon, DoorDash and more! Enter the code Educators at sign up to unlock more quizzes, more pineapples, and more gift cards!
GreenPath Virtual Financial Coach

GreenPath Virtual Financial Coach

Looking for guidance? Our new Virtual Financial Coach Lea can help you build better financial habits! Get started today by clicking the pop up on this page.
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Banzai Direct

Discover real-world finance through a choose-your-own-adventure program. Choose from Banzai Junior, Banzai Teen or Banzai Plus for adults. Learn about the world of finance in a fun, interactive way.
EVERFI Family Portal

EVERFI Family Portal

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Engaging digital lessons about finances for students of any age! Parents can use the Family Portal to enroll their student in the program and watch them learn crucial financial literacy lessons through this interactive course!
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The ECU College Planning Center

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The ECU College Planning Center is a robust platform with age-appropriate guidance to empower families on preparing, financing and successfully applying to college.
2020 Graduates

Helping Get to the Next Stage of Life

School’s out for the summer! That doesn’t mean there’s time to stop learning. Before you head off to school or the next stage of your life, there’s a lot you need to know, especially about money. We’ve put together a few helpful resources for you to use as you prepare to leave the nest.
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Look Forward to Your Future

Whether you are a parent or a prospective student, it’s never too early to begin planning for college. “Look Forward to Your Future” is a DFI resource for students and parents who are facing questions and decisions about college and student debt.
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GreenPath Financial Counseling

GreenPath Debt Solutions is a non-profit, credit counseling organization. Get help from a certified, degreed GreenPath expert developing a budget and financial action plan based on your personal financial situation and goals.
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College Planning Guide

Learn about the different options for financing your or your child’s education, how to find the right college for you or your child, and get information about what you can expect from college life.