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Educators Awards 35 Outstanding High School Seniors

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Educators Credit Union’s 86-year history is deeply rooted in helping build strong communities. At the center of this mission is a dedication to assisting students along their educational journeys.

Annually, Educators Credit Union awards $70,000 in scholarships to 35 local high school seniors to help offset the cost of higher education. Each award recipient is selected to receive a $2,000 scholarship based on their academic record, participation in school, community activities, and their demonstration of one or more of Educators’ core values: honesty, integrity, fairness, respect and excellence.

The 2023 Educators Credit Union Scholarship recipients are:
Andrea A.
Sofia B.
Ryan B.
Grace B.
Nolan B.
Aiden B.
Arev B.
Rebecca C.
Isabella D.
Murphy D.
Samuel D.
Simon F.
Blake F.
Ruby F.
Caitlyn G.
Francesca H.
Samantha H.
Stephanie J.
Ava K.
Aryan K.
Edie K.
Madeline L.
Joslyn L.
Inaara M.
Jacob M.
Tessa M.
Courtney N.
Ava Q.
Rebecca R.
Isabella S.
Charli S.
Emily V.
Bella V.
Ryan W.
Julia Z.

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