Educators Google Action

Use voice commands to get information about your account from your Google device!

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Google Assistant

Getting your account balance, making transfers, and checking due dates is even easier with the Educators Credit Union Action! Set it up on your Google Assistant-enabled device today.

Use the Educators Credit Union Action to:

Check Balances

Find out what you have in your account just by asking your Google device!

Pay Loans

Tell your Google Assistant to pay your credit card, auto loan, mortgage, or any other Educators loan.

Send Information

Headed out the door? Ask Google to text or email you your account information.

Learn About Educators

Ask Google for Educators Credit Union’s routing number, phone number or address.

How it Works:

Turn on Your Action

Use the directions to connect your Educators Credit Union account and Google Assistant. You must be an Online Banking user to connect to Google.


What Can I Ask Google to Do?

A lot! So much, we made a whole list. Check out the document below to see everything the Action can help you with.

Action Chart