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Woman Holding Child with Computer on Lap

EVERFI is a leading education technology company that connects learning to the real world by equipping students with the skills they need for success beyond the classroom. The EVERFI Financial Education courses feature an interactive, new-media learning platform specifically designed to introduce financial literacy skills and build financial capacity.

Vault (Elementary): An engaging, web-based resource that uses videos, animations and performance-based games to teach students how to make responsible financial decisions while promoting career development and skill development.

EVERFI Financial Literacy (High School): Immerse students in real-life financial scenarios and documentation as they transition into adulthood. Complicated processes – like buying a car or filling out the FAFSA form – are broken down for the student in an easy-to-understand way. Students who successfully complete the course can also earn a certification in financial literacy, which can be a powerful tool for job, college and internship applications.

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