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LendKey offers private student loans and student loan refinancing to Educators Credit Union members.


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College Savings Estimator

Use this tool to determine approximately how much money you need to save to pay for college. If you are a parent or an advisor, answer the following questions about a prospective student. To try other tools and plan for college, go to our College Planning Center.

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Find the Right School For You

Find a college, university or online school that fits your needs and your budget.

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Educators' College Planning Center

The ECU College Planning Center is a robust platform with age-appropriate guidance to empower families with children of all ages, providing detailed information on preparing, financing and successfully applying to college.

Plan for College

More Detailed Information

College is expensive. And it’s hard to bridge the gap between scholarships, grants and federal loans and the actual cost of attending college. That’s why we are teaming up with LendKey, an online marketplace of student loans — to make paying for college easy, and repayment as painless as possible.

The private student loan features and benefits include:

  • No origination fee
  • A 30-day no-fee return policy
  • Deferment while you are attending school
  • Students at accredited universities and colleges, as well as area technical colleges, are eligible to apply through Educators

You’ve got that degree, and you’re staring down that repayment grace period. Don’t get stuck making minimum payments on several loans with high interest rates. Consolidate with a loan from Educators and LendKey.

The consolidation loan features and benefits include:

  • Lower payments and reduced interest rate
  • Make one loan payment, instead of several
  • Co-signer release after 36 months of on-time, interest and principal payments, when requested
  • Discount when automatic (ACH) payments are authorized