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Credit Cards That Meet Your Needs

Make the most of your money with Educators Visa® credit cards.


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All Educators Visa credit cards offer several shared benefits:

  • No annual fees and no fees on cash advances or balance transfers

  • Interest rates starting as low as 7.90% APR

  • 25-day no-interest grace period (pay your entire balance each month and your purchases are interest free)

  • Create a secure shopping experience — all cards will be going to EMV chip card technology at renewal

  • Make payments online, via Touch Tone Teller, by mail, in-person, or via direct deposit

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Other Features

Customizing Your Card

Design your Educators debit or credit cards to reflect your unique style and personality with a picture of your family, friends, pets, favorite vacation spot or select an image from our online image library.1 Just use Picture My Card to upload your personal picture.

Members receive one free personalized card design for each type of card you have within the card’s three-year expiration period.2 You can have a different design for each card you have! If you wish to change the picture on your card again during this period, a production fee of $10.00 may apply.

Lost or Stolen Cards

To help prevent fraud on your account, report a lost or stolen credit card as soon as possible.

Additional Details by Card

Educators Visa® Signature: $5000 minimum limit. Receive all the other shared Visa® benefits as well as Cellular Phone Protection, Trip Cancellation/Interruption Benefit, Signature Program Benefits, Travel and Emergency Assistance Services and Roadside Dispatch.

Educators Visa® Platinum: $500 minimum limit. Receive all the other shared Visa® benefits, Travel and Emergency Assistance Services and Roadside Dispatch.


Pay your loan using an external card

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More Information

If you are using your new Educators credit card for consolidation purposes, we will need the following:

Information required if paying off a credit card:

Your most recent statement with the following information:

  • Creditor name
  • Account number
  • Balance/payoff amount
  • Address of where to mail the payoff check

To verify your income, please provide us with one month worth of your most recent pay stubs from your current employer. This can be:

  • Two pay stubs if you are paid bi-weekly.
  • Four official pay stubs if you are paid weekly.
  • One pay stub if you are paid monthly.

If you are self-employed, please provide us with your two most recent annual tax documents.

If you have rental income, please provide us with your two most recent annual tax documents.

Additional documents may be required.

To open your new account, please visit any Educators Credit Union branch with the following materials:

  • Your Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN)
  • A current U.S. government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s license, U.S. passport, state or military ID) with current address
  • Valid proof of address if it is different than your ID (e.g., statement from another financial, utility bill, etc.)
  • A $5 minimum deposit that represents your ownership share of the credit union (Prime Share Savings)
  • If you are under the age of 18, you will need a State-issued ID, passport or a current school ID with address verification from a parent or guardian

You can also open an account online.

If you are not an Educators member or if the primary member cannot sign on a loan, you may be required to establish a new account. Educators Credit Union membership is open to anyone who works or lives in our 11-county service area.


1Please note the image requirements and usage guidelines available on the site before uploading your photo. Educators reserves the right to determine if a submitted image is acceptable for use.
2The site will say that there is a $10 fee, however this will be waived once (noted in your card record). No promo code is necessary.

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