Happy Member Loyalty Payout Day!

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Points for Perks

Shopping is a part of life, so why not get rewarded for it?

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New and Improved Points for Perks Website

Educators is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Points for Perks website! The new website features an easier way to redeem your rewards and review account history. Members can access the website through the Card Management Widget in Online Banking for convenience, or by visiting the website portal.

  • Register for Points for Perks

    With the new website renovations, all debit and credit card holders will need to register even if you’ve had a Points for Perks account previously. Don’t worry, all your points will transfer over!

  • Start Earning Points for Perks

    Although we’ve renovated the website, members can continue to build points and enjoy the same great rewards1.

  • Credit Report


    The more you spend, the more you earn! Every time you make a purchase with your Educators credit or debit card, you can gain Points for Perks!

  • Debit/Credit Card


    Earn points when you use your credit card or make non-PIN transactions with your debit card.

    Debit card “credit” transactions = 1 point for every $2 spent

    Credit card “credit” transactions = 1 point for every $1 spent

  • Points for Perks


    Redeem points for cash back, gift cards, travel, discounts on Educators products and services2, and more!

    Accumulated points expire after three years.

Visit the new and improved Points for Perks website to

Register and Redeem Your Points

Visit the Points for Perks Website


1Points must be available when redeeming rewards, and the exact quantity must be indicated and unexpired to be eligible for the reward.

2First mortgage home loans, credit cards, and line of credit loans are not eligible.