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Fraud Alert: Please be aware that fraudulent text messages requesting personal information have been reported and received by both members and non-members in our service areas. Educators Credit Union will never ask for your personal information through an email, text message or an outgoing call to you. DO NOT click on any text message links or provide any personal or financial information.

Ctrl™: Card Control

Take control with this on-the-go card security app.

Person inputs credit card information into a mobile device

Ctrl™ Benefits

  • Debit/Credit Card

    Turn Cards On & Off

    Lose a card? Not using it and want to make sure it’s protected? Use Ctrl™ to turn your Educators cards on and off.

  • Alerts

    Instant Notifications

    Create transaction alerts to be instantly notified when a purchase is made with your card.

  • No Fees

    Spending Restrictions

    Create spending limits to protect yourself from big purchases being made without your knowledge.

Why should you use Ctrl™?

Learn more about how you can use the Ctrl™ app for security and peace of mind.

Educators Credit Union –  Why use Ctrl™

Video Tutorials

Tutorials designed to easily guide you through using our Ctrl™ app.

  • Registration & Login

    Learn how to register and login to the Ctrl™ app once it’s downloaded on your Apple or Android device. You can also view the PDF version of these instructions.

  • Overview

    Learn about all the benefits of using the Ctrl™ app.

  • Transactions

    Learn how to view the status of transactions that have taken place on your card.

  • App Preferences

    Learn exactly how to control your cards by turning them on or off. You can also view the PDF version of these instructions.

  • Alert Preferences

    Learn how to set your alert preferences for the transactions that are most important to you. You can also view the PDF version of these instructions.

  • Skimming Security

    Learn how to detect potential skimming devices and fraud on your account.

Download the Ctrl™ mobile app

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