Educators Credit Union remains open through the “Safer At Home” declaration. The lobbies are temporarily closed, but YOUR TRANSACTIONS CAN BE DONE FROM HOME OR AT A DRIVE-UP.

If you need a new debit or credit card, please call us at 262.886.5900 to order one before going to the branch.

Our blog details all the ways you manage your account during this time.

Credit Report Widget powered by SavvyMoney®

Get daily credit score updates in Online and Mobile Banking with our newly updated widget powered by SavvyMoney®.

Get Your Credit Score

Get daily credit score updates in Online and Mobile Banking.

The Credit Report Widget powered by SavvyMoney®* is Educators Credit Union’s upgraded credit score tool that members can access in Online and Mobile Banking. Members can use the widget to get daily updates on their credit score when they log in without lowering their score.

The widget also gives members information on how to improve or maintain their credit. It breaks down the five major categories that make up a credit score and tells members how they’re performing in each area.

Get Your Credit Report

Members can pull a full credit report from the widget instead of having to come into a branch. Getting a credit report will not affect a member’s credit score.

Monitor Your Credit

Members can set up the widget to send alerts out whenever there’s a big change to their credit score.

See Where You Can Save

The widget compares the user’s credit score and existing rates to the interest rates at Educators Credit Union. It will let them know if they can save money by refinancing.

*SavvyMoney uses the VantageScore credit model, the same scoring model Educators Credit Union uses for loan applications. There may be differences in the score members see in the Credit Report Widget and on a loan application, dependent on the last time a member refreshed their score.