80 for 80 Years: Part Ten (Items 51-55)

It’s been a busy 2017! In celebration of our 80th anniversary, we’ve put together a blog series highlighting 80 different products, services, events, giveaways and sponsorships that took place in 2017. If you missed the first 50 items, head to our blog page to read them! 51. Panther Prowl – On October 7, Educators staff ran the photo booth at the end … Read more »

This New House: A Fish Outta Water

Although obvious to many, the water bill for my new house was the last thing on my mind. Buying my first house at 23 years old, there was a lot I didn’t know and how to find my water bill and pay it was beyond me. I moved into my new house this March and just recently realized I was … Read more »

What’s Your Score

Educators Credit Union’s “What’s Your Score?” program is a complimentary and excellent way to check up on your credit score. If you are a member, you can come into any branch to sit down with a member finance representative to pull a soft hit on your credit so you can look for ways to improve or maintain your score. This … Read more »

Get Financing this Spring from Educators

When winter finally breaks, springtime is about growth and change. That should be the case for your life as well. Educators Credit Union wants to help you improve your situation this spring by making sure you are getting the financing you need and want. Tired of driving that same old car? Educators can provide the money you need to get … Read more »

Things to Expect When Buying a Home, Part II

You have found a house your really like, and your next step is submitting the offer. Start with a low amount and be willing to accept the fact that the owner could refuse it and not even offer a counter offer. That’s fine. There are thousands of other listings that could interest you. And don’t forget, the seller could be … Read more »

Things to Expect When Buying a Home, Part I

To say buying a home is a big investment is kind of an understatement. Your home could make or break your financial status for the foreseeable future. Just ask anyone that had to suffer through the mortgage crisis where people losing their homes became the norm. When it comes time to buy a home, the more research, knowledge and information … Read more »

Are Short Mortgage Loans Through a Credit Union Smarter?

While visiting the credit union, you are going to find that there are lower interest rates available for borrowers on their mortgage loans. For many people, these lower interest rates can help a 15 year loan with a fixed rate be incredibly affordable and that can ensure your residence is paid off faster. Take for example you have found a … Read more »