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Employment Benefits

Organizational Values

Educators Credit Union is one of the largest, most successful credit unions in Southeastern Wisconsin. Since 1937 we have been a member-owned, member-focused full-service financial institution.

Educators core values are honesty, integrity, fairness, respect and excellence. These words describe our commitment to member services as well as our employment conditions and policies.

Our culture is driven by our commitment to continuous learning, educating and advising our members and providing first-class service to our members, co-workers and other partners.

Our investment in our employees and our commitment to our members makes Educators a rewarding work environment.

Career Development

Educators offers a wide variety of internal training and professional development opportunities. We strive to promote from within the organization, and employees are encouraged to apply for open positions that match their abilities and career choice.

Our staff development, teller co-op and learning hours programs are examples of programs specifically designed to guide the career paths of our employees.

Employees who work 30 hours or more per week and are employed for at least one year may be eligible for tuition reimbursement. This program covers the cost of tuition and books up to $2,000 per year with a lifetime cap of $11,000 for any course study.

Bill of Rights

As a part of the Educators Credit Union team, you’re entitled to know in advance what is expected of you and to get regular feedback to ensure that your career development is on-track. To ensure all employees understand their rights, we created an Employee Bill of Rights.

Employees will:

  • Be treated with honesty and respect.
  • Be compensated for work performed.
  • Receive a job description — all managers will communicate job requirements and expectations.
  • Receive informal feedback consistently your manager(s).
  • Receive formal feedback in the form of a written evaluation every 4 months.
  • Continue to learn and receive training regularly.

The workplace will:

  • Be free from discrimination and retaliation.
  • Be a safe and friendly environment.

There is more to life than work. Employees and managers will work together to provide a flexible work schedule to provide employees with an appropriate work/life balance.

Educators Credit Union is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer.