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Be on The Lookout for Scammers

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Scam Alert: Giving out personal or financial information may cause you to suffer a financial loss. Be on the lookout for scammers trying to contact you through text messages, emails and phone calls. Only log in from the Educators Credit Union Mobile Banking app or directly on our official website (

Educators Credit Union will never ask for your personal information through an email, text message or an outgoing call to you. If you receive a text message like any below or one requesting account or login information, DO NOT click the link and contact us at 262.886.5900 to report the message.

Here are more tips to help keep your accounts and personal information safe:

  • Set up two-factor authentication as soon as possible. For information on setting up multifactor authentication, please click here.
  • If you need to send money, only send money to friends and family using a secure and well-known money transfer app.
  • If someone calls, texts or emails you and asks for your account number, security word, username, password or ID, verify that these unsolicited calls are legitimate. Remember, Educators or any legitimate company will never ask for your personal information through an email, text message or an outgoing call to you.
  • Do not use your personal account to transfer or deposit funds for someone else.
  • If someone requests that you download an app to fix issues on your phone or one that allows them access to your device, be extremely wary of a request like this.
  • If someone requests that you send them money so that you can get paid or earn money, it is likely a scam.
  • Be wary of schemes that promise quick or easy money, especially if they are unsolicited.
  • Protect your Educators credit and debit cards with the CardValet® app from Educators. The CardValet® app allows you to turn your debit and credit cards on and off, receive instant notifications and implement spending restrictions. Click here for more information on CardValet®.

Be diligent and take caution to keep yourself safe from fraud. When in doubt, please contact Educators Credit Union directly, we are here to help you.


scam text messageScam text messageScam text message


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