#4034: International Credit Union Day: A Brief History

This week, Educators Credit Union, along with other credit unions worldwide, is celebrating International Credit Union Day. The third Thursday of October has been dedicated to honoring credit unions and all of their members since its inception in 1948. It highlights the active role credit unions play in the financial wellness of communities across the globe and also reflects on … Read more »

#3977: Cashing In on Spare Change

It’s 2017, and I can admit, cash is probably the least common way I make purchases. Every so often, I have a $20 bill in my pocket and buy my morning coffee with cash instead of a card. Afterwards, I’m left with something I’m even less likely to use than dollar bills: spare change. By the time I get home … Read more »

#3909: 80 for 80 Years: Part One (Items 1-5)

We’ve had a busy 2017!  In celebration of our 80th anniversary, we’ve decided to put together a blog series highlighting eighty different products, services, events, giveaways and sponsorships that took place in 2017.     1) 88Nine Block Party – Educators presented the 88Nine Block Party in honor of their 10th anniversary on June 24. The lineup for the show … Read more »

#2088: Loomis Road branch home buyers seminar

Educators mortgage staff Cindy Brown, Wendy Heberling and Rita Schmidt will present a home buyers seminar from 6:00 to 7:00  p.m. at our Loomis Road location. Registration for this seminar has expired.

#1789: Gift yourself for the holidays! Earn Points on Black Friday!

It’s the season of shopping — presents, parties, food and charity donations. Take advantage of Educators’ new holiday offer and you’ll be sure to Gift Yourself! Use your Educators credit/debit cards while holiday shopping this season and earn Points for Perks points for yourself! Earn DOUBLE POINTS on all of your Educators Credit Card (and Debit Card “credit”) purchases! From … Read more »

#1037: What Loan do You Need?

If nothing changes, in a year from now, your situation will be the same. The stress, problems and issues will only compound if you don’t make a move, right now. When it comes to your personal or professional life, getting the financing you need is a big part of making any kind of real life change. A lot of consumers … Read more »