For Your Security

Educators Credit Union is concerned about your financial security as well as our own. We take many steps to keep your accounts protected from fraud and identity theft on a daily basis. Rest easy knowing that Educators is available to help keep your accounts safe and sound.


Credit Card and Debit Fraud

Credit and debit card fraud is always evolving and is on the rise throughout the financial industries. We are committed to keeping your credit and debit card accounts safe and sound by using the latest technology available.


Phishing Scams

Phishing scams attempt to gain your personal information by using forged or fake electronic means. Be highly cautious of electronic communications from email addresses and phone numbers that you do not recognize.


Online and Mobile Security

Having access to your accounts from your computer or mobile device is very convenient, but you may be at risk for online attackers. All online activity, including email, shopping, social media can leave you at risk.



Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Interactive Teller Machines were created to provide fast and convenient access to money for our members. As with any financial transactions, there is a potential of fraudulent activity on these types of machines.


Common Fiscal Scams

Data breaches, identity theft, fraud, scamming are all words that are used to identify ways that fraudsters are capturing your personal information and using it to hack into your personal accounts.

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