All Educators Credit Union offices are closed on Monday, January 18 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. If you need to manage your account during this time, please use Online Banking, Mobile Banking or ASK EVA.

Educators Online Banking

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Online Banking is all about giving you the best user experience we can — whether you’re accessing your accounts, using Bill Pay, budgeting, or transferring funds. The system that powers our Online and Mobile Banking to meet your needs.

What’s New

  • Clean look and intuitive use
  • One login for Online Banking and Mobile Banking*
  • Quick, 6-click Transfer
  • Bill Pay available on Mobile Banking
  • Homepage customization
  • Individual logins for joint users
  • Register with Online or Mobile Banking

Video Tutorials

Online Banking Overview

New User Registration

Your Dashboard

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What do I need to log in?

If you are an existing Online Banking user and the Primary owner of your Educators account, enter your existing username in the blue login box on the front page of You will be prompted to enter a temporary password to start the registration process. The temporary password is the month and day of the your birthday and the last six digits of your Social Security Number. For example: If your birthday is 04/15/1980 and your SSN is 123-45-6789, your temporary password would be 0415456789. You will then be asked to complete your security profile and verify your contact information before viewing your accounts.


If you are a Joint owner of an Educators account, or new to Online Banking, click “New User” in the blue login box on the front page of Read through and agree to the online banking disclosure and continue your registration, providing identifying information to connect you to the correct account(s), choosing a username and password, set security questions and confidence image.


Please visit for more video tutorials or to view our help guides.

Do I have to share credentials with the other joint owners on the account?

No, all owners of the accounts will complete their own registration process and maintain their own log in credentials.

I keep hearing the word “WIDGET” what is a widget?

A widget is a self-contained mini application that lives and runs on your new Online Banking dashboard. Widgets allow you to personalize your Online Banking experience.

My child(ren) also have accounts with Educators and are joint owners on my account. I would prefer that they not be able to see my account online. How can I prevent them from viewing my account?

Joint owners will be able to view account balances on any account they are associated with. If you would like your child(ren) to have access to your account in the case of an emergency, but do not want to be able to view your account balances online, we recommend that you have them as a POA (Power of Attorney) instead of joint owners. A POA will not see accounts they are associated with. Otherwise, it may be in your best interest to remove them from the account.

Will we be able to hide accounts online that we do not want to see, such as a savings account or money market?

Yes, you will be able to set accounts to hidden in several places within Online Banking.

Will the financial resources be the same for everyone?

Using the gears on your dashboard, you will be able to customize the financial resources and Educators News feed.

I logged in and didn’t see all of the accounts I thought I would see.

Certain account types will need their own logins — they are fiduciary accounts like custodial accounts, representative payees accounts, trust accounts and guardian accounts.

Business accounts also need their own logins.

Can I use my account number as my username?

No. For your security, we require a unique username that does not contain your account number. Your username can be 8-15 characters.