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We’re committed to helping you guide your students towards a successful financial future. Below are some outside resources and resources from Educators for your convenience.

Helpful Classroom Resources


Free virtual courses on financial literacy and education, geared toward various grade levels. Courses include 3D games, models, simulations, social media, activities and more to deliver lessons to students


This program is a free classroom resource for middle school and high school students you can use to teach students real-world budgeting and spending decision making.

Junior Achievement

Students learn work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills through this experiential learning program available to students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Biz Kid$

Biz Kid$ is a financial literacy initiative that includes an award winning TV series, free financial literacy curriculum, outreach activities, a website and a social media presence targeting children 9 – 16 years old. Its focus is to help kids make and manage money.

National Council on Economic Education

Get over 500 lesson plans for general financial education for Grades K-12. Search by grade, economic concept, or national standard.

Next Gen Personal Finance

Next Gen Personal Finance is a free resource for teachers to use to help in lesson planning and activates for personal finance topics

Banzai Direct

Help children discover real-world finance through an award-winning choose your own adventure program. Choose from two courses, Banzai Junior (ages 8-12) or Banzai Teen (ages 13-18).

Educators in the Classroom

Staff from Educators can do a classroom presentation on a variety of topics. We have a wide variety of presentations available.

Topics include:

  • Checking 101: How to maintain a healthy checking account.
  • Buying vs. Leasing a Car: How to make informed decisions about buying or leasing a car.
  • Build a Better Budget: How to make your dollars work for you.
  • Credit 411: What you really need to know about credit and credit cards.
  • Basics of Personal Finance: Helping you understand the basic rules of budgeting, spending and saving.


If your class is in need of a guest speaker on any financial topic, we’re happy to work with you and develop a presentation that will have the most impact for your students.

Please provide two weeks advance notice for scheduling a classroom presentation. 



Contact Victor F. or Brian G. by email or by calling 262.321.7423 to schedule a classroom presentation, interactive session, or financial aid/student loan night.

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