What's New at Educators

#11968: Mobile Deposits Are Quick and Easy!

You can deposit a check with just a snap of the camera in Educators Credit Union’s Mobile Banking. It’s easy to use and saves you a trip to the branch. To get started: Download Mobile Banking from your phone’s app store. Log into Mobile Banking with your Online Banking credentials. If you’re using an iPhone during business hours, you’ll see … Read more »

#11961: Eight Ways to Protect Yourself From Text Scams

The easiest way for a fraudster to get in touch with you is through your phone. Most people have their phone on them 24/7 and will look at any notifications that buzz in their pocket. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to be cautious when you get a mystery message to your phone. So, how do you keep … Read more »

#11960: The 2020 Preferred Dealer Network Sale

The annual Preferred Dealer Network Sale1 is going on now! During the sale, Educators Vehicle Solutions can help members find their next purchase or lease from our network of over 100 preferred dealers2. Vehicle advisors can compare vehicles, get hassle-free pricing and help set up a test drive. During the Preferred Dealer Network Sale, take advantage of: Prices up to … Read more »

#11945: Recommending a Good Book to Curl Up With

Looking for a way to relax and get some peace of mind while staying safe inside your home? Open up a good book! Books are a great way to wind down and escape while still accomplishing something that’s beneficial for you. To help get you started, I asked a few of my colleagues about books they’d recommend opening up and … Read more »

#11944: Quality vs. Cost

Whether you’re standing in front of a shelf at the grocery store, shopping online, or even walking around a car dealership, you may wonder: Do I go for the “nicer,” more expensive option or choose the cheaper one to save some money? At the end of the day, what you’re really debating is quality vs cost. Why the Difference? There … Read more »

#11940: We Are By Your Side, Achieving More Together

Educators Credit Union is here to help you get through these difficult times. While we may be facing challenges right now, a brighter tomorrow is around the corner. To help you be ready for that day, Educators Credit Union is here now, helping you with car loans, savings account and everything in between. When we work together, we achieve more … Read more »

#11938: Important: Phone and Text Scams

Recently, individuals in our service area have received texts pretending to be from their financial institution regarding fraudulent transactions. We would like to remind our members that Educators Credit Union will never send a text asking for the CVV authentication number on the back of your card. This is a type of fraud known as smishing. If you receive a … Read more »

#11935: Helping Everyone Access Our Website

Educators Credit Union made a small change to the front page of our website overnight. You’ll now notice that the text on the homepage is on the left, not on the right. It’s all to improve our ADA compliance! Before the change, it was slightly more difficult for the visually impaired to get access to our site because the text … Read more »