All Educators Credit Union offices will be closed on Monday, Feb. 17 in recognition of Presidents’ Day.
Online Banking, Mobile Banking, ASK EVA and Ctrl will still be available to assist members.
Normal business hours will resume on Tuesday, Feb. 18.

What's New at Educators

#11415: Make It a Point to Earn Perks

Are you missing out on Points for Perks? You can earn Points for Perks each time you swipe your Educators Credit Union Visa® Platinum or debit card. The Platinum card earns one point per $1 spent and the debit card earns one point for every $2, if you are making a non-PIN transaction. When you build up points, you can … Read more »

#11405: Going somewhere? Let us know!

December is one of the most popular travel months during the year. Hundreds are either headed home for the holidays or flocking to warmer places to avoid the cold. No matter what the reason you’re hitting the road or taking to the sky, it’s important that you tell us about your plans. Our security team works hard to protect your … Read more »

#11394: Preventing Identity Theft Over the Phone

You’re probably familiar with phone calls offering you free trips, discounted magazine subscriptions, and other special offers. These calls are the most common form of telemarketing, and they’re extremely common in the US. Many telemarketing calls are completely legitimate. But according to the National Consumers League, at least 92% of Americans have received a fraudulent telemarketing call—and older women are … Read more »

#11336: Our Biggest Member Loyalty Payout Ever!

Educators Credit Union members are waking up to our biggest Member Loyalty payout ever! Members earned a total of $3.4 million in 2019. To earn their Member Loyalty, members needed to have an active checking account each month. Then they could build their monthly reward based on the Educators Credit Union products and services they used. The maximum reward for … Read more »

#11352: Educators Credit Union Celebrates Twenty-One Saver’s Sweepstakes Winners

The fourteenth Saver’s Sweepstakes drawing was held on November 15th and twenty-one Educators Credit Union members were lucky winners! Five Educators Credit Union members won $500 each, while sixteen members won $100 each. Here are the Educators Credit Union members that were winners in this month’s drawing: Noah B. Margaret G. Maria G. Frances H. Theresa J. Yalanda K. ($500 … Read more »

#11333: Individual Retirement Accounts

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are tax-deferred, personal retirement plans. You must have earned income to contribute, and you can put money into an IRA whether or not you participate in an employer’s retirement plan. There are two types: the traditional IRAs, to which contributions may be deductible or nondeductible, and the Roth IRA. All traditional IRAs are tax deferred. This means you owe no … Read more »

#11310: Shopping for a Car Loan

When shopping for a car, it’s usually best to start by shopping for a car loan. When you’re shopping for a car loan, remember that what it costs you to borrow depends on three things: The finance charge, expressed as an annual percentage rate (APR) The term, or length of time the loan lasts The principal, or amount you borrow … Read more »