What's New at Educators

#11726: Completing a Tax Return

Filing a tax return is a matter of following the line-by-line instructions that come with your tax form. Each form has its own set of instructions and includes a number of charts and worksheets to help you figure out if you’re eligible for credits, deductions, and exemptions. But before you begin to deal with a tax form, it’s smart to … Read more »

#11697: Improved Security Logins on ecu.com

Educators Credit Union is updating the login process for Online Banking on our website. Starting Feb. 26, members will now enter both their username and password in the login box of the ecu.com homepage. As technology continues to evolve, it’s important for Educators Credit Union to keep our security up to date. By changing the log in process to be … Read more »

#11693: Web Browser Security

One of the most critical points of entry to your computer or gadgets is your Web browser. Unfortunately, your Web browser can have hundreds of security holes that hackers can, and do, exploit. Maybe your browser isn’t updating, or perhaps you have add-ons or plug-ins installed that have their own security holes. 1. KEEP BROWSER UP TO DATE One of … Read more »

#11678: Educators Receives the Governor’s Financial Literacy Award

Educators Credit Union was awarded the 2019 Governor’s Financial Literacy Award for our Reality Check Day program! Reality Check Day is a hands-on learning opportunity Educators brings to middle school, high school and college students in our service area. Students start the program by selecting a career in the Reality Check Day app. They are assigned a salary based on … Read more »

#11675: Are You Eligible for Free Tax Assistance?

Qualified residents can have their taxes done for free with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. VITA can help households that earn up to $54,000 annually. Trained volunteers will take the documents, prepare the taxes and return them to be filed. Are you eligible to get help from VITA? Call 211 to schedule an appointment with a local volunteer. … Read more »

#11661: Track Your Member Loyalty Online!

Members can now watch their Member Loyalty grow in Online and Mobile Banking! With the new Member Loyalty Widget, you’ll be able to see how much money you’ve earned so far this year, opportunities to grow your reward, how your reward was built, and how to make your account active if you’ve missed a month. If you’re not growing your … Read more »