Top 5 mistakes millennials make with student loans

Educators has a partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness, a non-profit credit counseling organization to provide advice to members on budgeting and personal finance. This article from GreenPath’s monthly newsletter Pathways talks about the 5 mistakes that people make regarding their student loan repayment. By Nick Demeester GreenPath Student Loan Counseling Manager If you are a recent graduate or young professional, or … Read more »

Do you have an emergency cash fund? You should.

The first step in getting financially healthy is having an emergency cash fund. It seems like a giant task to accomplish, especially if you have debt. And when you read that you’re supposed to have three to six months of expenses … that’s a lot of money. But an emergency fund doesn’t have to start out with three to six … Read more »

6 ways to save money without trying too hard

I’m not sure about your family, but when the middle of summer hits my family goes into a different mode … we get a little lazy. It’s warm, school’s out, we have trips and vacations to think about and we become pretty casual. There are many times our money-saving mode is nowhere in sight. We have a few sure-fire ways … Read more »

3 videos to make your vacation packing easier

It’s summer and that means vacation, which means packing. Whether you’re packing for a flight or a road trip, packing everything you need into a small suitcase can be intimidating. If just taking less stuff is out of the question, what you need is some travel packing hacks – ways to make packing easy and to get more stuff in … Read more »

July — a month of saving

We’re creatures of habit. And retailers are, too. They have a month-to-month routine on what they put on sale. And July savings can be plentiful, if you know what to look for. It’s good to have a plan and budget for items that go on sale or clearance during certain times of the year. I personally have a small reserve in place … Read more »

Fourth of July safety is important

Monday is Independence Day, the holiday associated with parades, cookouts, fireworks and parties! But Fourth of July safety is important, too. It can also be a pretty dangerous holiday: heat stroke, burns, and other holiday-related injuries, among other things. Here are some common causes of injuries that can happen this holiday weekend, followed by tips to avoid them. For the … Read more »

July News

What’s in the News? Summer travel tips, used car sale and lease event, new West Bend location and more! Click here for July’s Member Focus newsletter. Share this:  

Today was the last Early Payday

Here’s a reminder that Early Payday as a benefit for members ends tomorrow. That means if you received your paycheck direct deposited a day early today, it was the last one you will receive early. After Friday, all direct deposit files will be processed on the date on the file, which is your actual payday. Here’s a blog post with … Read more »

Five ways to save money on summer fun

There are quite a few ways to save money on summer fun for the whole family — we even have a link on the Educators website to begin your search for savings. We normally share discounts year round on a variety of things to do in southeastern Wisconsin, so be sure to check back often. I wanted to share with you a few activities … Read more »