Employees in the News

Our own Keydi O. is in the news! Keydi is a teller at the Kenosha branch. On May 21, she graduated from Gateway Technical College and delivered the commencement speech. Keydi was interviewed by the Kenosha News before her big moment. You can read her full story here. Share this:  

MPS and Educators Credit Union Celebrate EVERFI Graduates at Victory School

On Wednesday, May 8, Educators Credit Union and Milwaukee Public Schools came together to celebrate all of Victory School’s fifth-grade students completing EVERFI. EVERFI is a financial literacy tool that teaches students about saving money, planning for college, protecting personal information and much more. The program puts students into a digital and interactive environment and learn lessons by stopping at … Read more »

Happy National Teachers’ Day!

In honor of National Teachers’ Day, we wanted to spotlight some of the educators that had a significant impact on our staff. Here are some of our staff members’ recollections of their favorite teachers: Hollie Edwards (Waukesha): Mr. P. was my 8th grade science teacher. As any 13 or 14-year-old, I had better things to do with my time, and science wasn’t really … Read more »

Celebrating Nurses Day From the Eyes of a Nurse’s Son

My entire life, I’ve looked up to my mother. She’s a powerful and independent woman, she raised our family, did everything necessary to help us accomplish our dreams and goals, and so much more. But my admiration extends past family into her career: nursing. Growing up, I was always aware that my mom was making a significant difference in the … Read more »

Getting Started with Credit

I started working at Educators Credit Union as a high school co-op employee in 2018. During this time, I have learned what “adulting” really means and how choices you make early on can impact you for the rest of your life. This led me to think, when it comes to personal finance, how many teenagers are as lost as I … Read more »

ALERT: A New Scam is Targeting Wisconsin Residents

Wisconsin residents are being targeted by a new scam where fraudsters pretend to be the Social Security Department. The scammers are calling people in our area from a spoofed phone number that says they are from the Social Security Department. These fraudsters tell the person on the other line that their social security number is compromised and they must remove all … Read more »

Educators Credit Union Celebrates Thirty-One Saver’s Sweepstakes Winners

The seventh Saver’s Sweepstakes drawing was held on April 15th and thirty-one Educators Credit Union members were lucky winners! Twenty-seven members won $100 in the monthly drawing, while four members won $1000 in the quarterly drawing.Here are the twenty-seven Educators Credit Union Saver’s Sweepstakes $100 winners: Ava N. Fay B. Karen H. Melissa S. Karen V. Pamela S. Judy K. … Read more »