#375: Supporting Yourself by Purchasing Locally

It’s a decision that you’re probably faced with on an almost daily basis:  Should you buy your goods from a “big box” store, or from a smaller local business.  There are grassroots movements all over the country urging people to “buy local,” and some recent studies have provided some surprising results, showing that the positive economic impact of buying local … Read more »

#344: Why Local Matters: The Importance of Supporting Local NPOs

Non-profit organizations or NPOs are created to serve the public’s interest. Some organizations function on national or even international levels and others focus on the needs of a particular community. Supporting local non-profit organizations can create better living conditions for many groups of individuals. Such organizations typically rely on donations to function and to achieve their goal. When choosing what … Read more »

#992: Financial (and Emotional) Benefits of Supporting Local Businesses

How do you shop? Each person has particular rituals and a range of brands or product varieties of preference. Supporting local businesses is becoming a major trend that many consumers are starting to embrace. The advantages range from affordable prices to being capable to give back to the community. Looking for reasons to start buying local products? Here are the … Read more »