This New House: A Fish Outta Water

Although obvious to many, the water bill for my new house was the last thing on my mind. Buying my first house at 23 years old, there was a lot I didn’t know and how to find my water bill and pay it was beyond me. I moved into my new house this March and just recently realized I was … Read more »

House Buying Made Easy

Are you thinking about changing where you live? It doesn’t matter if you are finally ready to move out of your parents’ house or if you have been saving up money by renting, if you are ready then it’s time to start shopping. Buying a home for the first time can be confusing and seem overwhelming. There are so many … Read more »

What Loan do You Need?

If nothing changes, in a year from now, your situation will be the same. The stress, problems and issues will only compound if you don’t make a move, right now. When it comes to your personal or professional life, getting the financing you need is a big part of making any kind of real life change. A lot of consumers … Read more »

Are Short Mortgage Loans Through a Credit Union Smarter?

While visiting the credit union, you are going to find that there are lower interest rates available for borrowers on their mortgage loans. For many people, these lower interest rates can help a 15 year loan with a fixed rate be incredibly affordable and that can ensure your residence is paid off faster. Take for example you have found a … Read more »