Get your Loyalty on!

Today is one of those days where it, very literally, pays to be an Educators member. There is always a payoff, when you’re greeted warmly walking into a branch or knowing that you’re not paying fees that a bank customer may be, but the Loyalty Pay Back Reward is special. You’re getting money back for being a loyal member of … Read more »

Credit Union Success Continues to Grow

More and more people are finding out the value of doing their financial transactions with a credit union as compared to a bank. And this is a trend happening not only in the state of Wisconsin, but all over the United States. “Credit unions are expanding to fill a void in business lending left by banks since the financial crisis. … Read more »

Making Switch to Credit Union Easier Than Ever

Most people over the age of 16 have some kind of checking or savings account. Stuffing your money into the middle of the mattress isn’t the best idea considering the demanding and ever-changing financial tasks residents of Wisconsin have to complete. When it comes time to open a new account, a lot of people just go with the flow. If … Read more »

Your Credit Union Isn’t Like Your Bank

Unlike a bank that is looking to make a profit and income off its customers, the credit union is very different. This group is owned by its members and together, they take a democratic approach to how the institution is run. As a partial owner, you do have more say and you can have some peace of mind in always … Read more »

It’s Time to Join a Credit Union

Many people are on the fence when it comes to joining a credit union. There is a sense of fear that comes with breaking away from the traditional banking system, because there is a lot of bad information out there. The truth is when you take a step back and actually look at the big picture, you will find that … Read more »

Good vs. Evil (A.K.A. Credit Unions vs. Banks)

Originally posted on on March 14, 2013 by Natalie Credit unions are different from other financial institutions in many important ways—from the reasons to join to the safety of your money to who actually owns the credit union! I know I love credit unions and would NEVER bank anywhere else…but I work here…so I know all about it! I … Read more »