#2461: Five ways to save money on summer fun

There are quite a few ways to save money on summer fun for the whole family — we even have a link on the Educators website to begin your search for savings. We normally share discounts year round on a variety of things to do in southeastern Wisconsin, so be sure to check back often. I wanted to share with you a few activities … Read more »

#2262: New credit card fraud monitoring process means changes

Educators’ credit card processing vendor will update the alert system for potential credit card fraud. The new process allows for much quicker cardholder contact, meaning fraud can be caught much sooner. The steps are detailed below and will go into effect on May 25. Cardholders are encouraged to add the fraud number to their mobile phones as “Educators Fraud Center” … Read more »

#1060: Let Educators Advise You

It’s always good to take advantage of the resources around you. When it comes to Educators, those resources never seem to end. Make sure you are getting involved and getting the help and assistance you need to ensure your money is working for you. The goal of adding a resource section is to “educate and advise.” No one is trying … Read more »

#1055: Security Tips for Online Finances, Part I

It’s becoming easier and easier to have your money work for you. While you are out walking around, you can check your account balances. If you are waiting on a flight at the airport, you can make a loan payment. With smartphones, tablets and WIFI everywhere, more and more people are completing their financial transactions online. While member-owners are saving … Read more »

#1054: Summer Credit Union Opportunities

A lot of the member-owners of Educators Credit Union have jam-packed summer calendars. Every weekend and sometimes every day, there is a huge list of work and fun activities. With all that you have going on, you shouldn’t be slowed down by your financial institution. That’s why Educators makes it easy to complete what transactions you need while you are … Read more »

#1033: Getting Your Children on the Right Financial Track

Educators Credit Union has always had a focus on the teacher and student. In 1937, when Educators was established, it was called the Racine Teachers’ Credit Union. That philosophy of helping young minds grow and assisting those in the educational field hasn’t stopped. That’s why Educators want you and your children to be financially educated so that when the real … Read more »

#1031: Identity Theft Protection Tips, Part II

Once your money is in an account or associated with a credit union, the next step is thinking about how and where you spend your money. It is the digital age, and more and more people make purchases with anything except cash—debit and credit cards, gift cards, point redemption and you can even use your smartphone to receive and make … Read more »