4 Ways To Protect Your Children From Identity Theft

Although children are not often considered when one thinks of identity theft, a child’s blank and clean credit history makes them ideal targets for identity thieves. Children are generally more difficult for thieves to target because there are not nearly as many documents floating around with their personal information on it as there are for working adults. However, that does … Read more »

Improve Your Credit In Three Simple Ways

Everyone knows the simple fact that the higher your credit score is, the more you benefit in financial situations. This includes everything from your interest rate on a home or car loan, the amount of down payment required on a loan, if you are qualified to rent to, or even in extreme cases whether or not a company will hire … Read more »

Protect Your Assets by Protecting Your Passwords

Identity theft has become a much more pervasive problem in the Information Age. Identity thieves that would once go through people’s garbage looking for personal information can now often find what they’re looking for online, from almost any location in the world. However, numerous defense mechanisms and strategies have been developed in response to the increasing prevalence of identity theft. … Read more »

Debt Consolidation Loans

With the economy still recovering, many people are still looking at ways they can save money and still repay their debts. One of the ways that this is being done is through debt consolidation loans from a credit union. These loans are designed to pay off a group of loans and credit cards with high interest rates and then lump … Read more »