Educators Can Help You Lease Too

Being a member-owner of Educators Credit Union comes with many benefits and rewards. One major advantage is having access to all of the resources from Educators. When it comes to buying a car, Educators is your one-stop resource center. But Educators can help you lease a new vehicle as well. There are many ways to take advantage of the help … Read more »

What Loan do You Need?

If nothing changes, in a year from now, your situation will be the same. The stress, problems and issues will only compound if you don’t make a move, right now. When it comes to your personal or professional life, getting the financing you need is a big part of making any kind of real life change. A lot of consumers … Read more »

Get Financing this Spring from Educators

When winter finally breaks, springtime is about growth and change. That should be the case for your life as well. Educators Credit Union wants to help you improve your situation this spring by making sure you are getting the financing you need and want. Tired of driving that same old car? Educators can provide the money you need to get … Read more »

Car Shopping? Educators Can Help

Some people don’t realize that Educators Credit Union is more than a financial institution. Yes, all of your savings, checking and loan needs can be taken care of at Educators, but the services don’t stop there. Educators has an Auto & Lease Department that has one goal: to get you the car you want at a price you can afford. … Read more »

AutoWerks for Your Pre-Owned Needs

When Educators Credit Union talks about being the only place to go when you need to buy a new or pre-owned car, that’s not a pitch—Educators has you totally covered. Credit Union members can work with Vehicle Acquisition Specialists, get quotes right from the dealer and get financing that is actually affordable. A lot of prospective car buyers are unaware, … Read more »

Educators Credit Union Member Benefits—Car Buying

This is an ongoing blog series that looks at the advantages and benefits of being an Educators Credit Union member as it relates to specific services. This month, the focus will be on how Educators members can shop and buy vehicles easier as a part of the union. Educators Credit Union was founded in 1937 as a Teachers Credit Union—a place … Read more »

Click and Pick Your Next Vehicle

Whether you want a modified truck with a lift kit or a compact hybrid, one this is for sure: it’s your vehicle so you should get the automobile you want. With today’s technology, car buying is a lot more efficient because the process doesn’t have to take as long as it used to take. A common question prospective car buyers … Read more »

Better to Sell or Trade in My Car?

The good news is that you are in a position to upgrade your vehicle. The bad news is that you have to go through all the motions of making sure that process is efficient and effective. A lot of prospective car buyers already own a car or truck. And usually no one wants to pay for the maintenance and insurance … Read more »

“Auto & Lease” Makes Car Shopping Easier

Car buying is always going to be a process to ensure you don’t purchase a “lemon” or overpay for the vehicle itself. But the innovative approach from Educators Credit Union (ECU) has given the consumer more power and knowledge than ever before, so getting the right car at the right price is a very real possibility. ECU has been separating … Read more »

Why Credit Matters When Buying a Car

It should be stated, first thing, that a lot of young Americans don’t have excellent credit. That’s not an indictment on the youth of the United States, but more a result of how the whole system is set up. Your credit is calculated and then listed as a score. Your credit score can vary, depending on who is running the … Read more »