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You have access to Educators locations along with co-op shared branches and more than 60,000 fee-free ATMs around the country.

We have Educators ATMs located in many parts of Wisconsin, at all of our branches and off-site.

ecu-1-23_ITM_webWhat’s the Difference Between an ATM and a TOM?

TOM stands for Teller Operated Machine. TOMs look much like ATMs, but you can use a TOM to have a virtual face-to-face conversation with an Educators teller. A camera on the TOM and at the teller location means you can see the teller and he or she will guide you through the transactions via the TOM speaker system. Transactions completed using the TOMs are treated the same as other transactions — they are secure and are processed the same way, with accounts updated in real time. In-lobby TOMs have an available handset for additional privacy.

Access Your Account Nationwide at CO-OP Shared Branches

Educators is a part of CO-OP Shared Branches, which means you can visit over 5,000 shared credit union branches nationwide1!

CO-OP Shared Branches are branches of credit unions connected to the CO-OP Financial Services Network that work together to serve each other’s members need. Search for a CO-OP Shared branch by using the map above.


1To access your account at any shared branch, you must know your account number and show a picture ID. Some accounts may not have access at shared branches. These accounts include (but are not limited to): custodial, trust, and organizational accounts.