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August's Share Certificate special: 1.31% APY on 3-year certificate


Our Share Certificate special during the entire month of August is 1.31% APY1 on a new three-year Share Certificate.

Rob shares: The worst advice I've received


Being a college student only months away from graduation means that everyone thinks that they can give me some great, life-changing advice. I try to take every bit of advice I get and use it the best I can, but there have been times when I simply couldn’t agree and had to go the opposite way.

Saving money: It’s definitely more than math


I’ve had my share of difficult financial times. Many of them have been self-inflicted wounds. I definitely have spent some time being my own worst enemy in many ways, including financially.

It’s not like I didn’t know how to save money. It’s pretty simple — spend less than you make. I just didn’t, really.

Sarah: My Educators story


Not so long ago, I was a teenager working at my first job as a banquet server. OK, maybe it was a long time ago – but it was a big step for me at the time! I worked hard for my money and I was very excited to take that first paycheck to the bank. To my surprise, it was not the enjoyable of an experience.

Saving money on your best friend


Almost four months ago, my husband and I got a dog, a puppy, really. If you know me personally, you know this because my Facebook page and Instagram feed is littered with pictures of Gemma, the lab-hound mix we got through Last Paw Rescue.

My husband and I wanted a dog, and when we spied Gemma’s picture and description on Last Paw’s Facebook feed, we felt like she would be a good fit for us. Fast forward a week and a half and we were picking her up, after a stop at a pet store to get a leash, a kennel and a toy that her foster mom said she liked.

Dorm room shopping tips from college students


I got an invitation to a craft night recently (bring your own craft project and a dish to pass — crafts and a potluck! It’s a perfect night). I couldn’t make it this time, but I’m really looking forward to next month’s craft night.

Because I’m looking forward to a craft night, I hit Pinterest, of course. And I found a Pin for a great blog post on about how to not spend a ton of money while shopping for your dorm room.

Boost your savings with great Share Certificate rates


Beginning July 1, our Share Certificate rates are going up! July’s Share Certificate special is a five-year certificate earning 2.01% APY1 for new Share Certificates through the end of July.

In addition to the July special, all of the regular Share Certificate rates will be increased for new certificates to help you earn more on your savings. Visit for an up-to-date rate sheet and more information on the July Share Certificate special.

The emotions behind money in a great blog post


Remember the list of great personal finance blogs I posted earlier this month? Well, one of those blog is Budgetsare$ I’ve read Budgetsare$ for a while now and I appreciate J. Money (uh, not his real name) and his financial advice.

Educators honors scholarship winners


Educators Credit Union has selected 25 outstanding high school seniors to receive $1,500 scholarships.

Almost 300 applications were received by the March 15 deadline. Applicants were judged on academic achievements, community service and demonstration of one or more of Educators Credit Union’s core values.

The scholarship recipients were honored at a reception June 11 at the Oak Creek Community Center.

Get texts from my credit union? Why would I do that?


Come on, you text. It’s OK to admit it. Everyone does it.

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