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Celebrating Juneteenth: Freedom Day

hands and fists in red, yellow and green

Juneteenth, short for June nineteenth, is a celebration of chattel slavery ending in America. Here are three facts about this momentous day:

  • On June 19, 1865, a little over two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, Union soldiers reached Galveston, TX with news that the Civil War ended and slaves were now free.
  • The slaves in Galveston are regarded as the last group in the country to hear the news of liberation. The now former slaves began celebrating with prayer, food, song and dance.
  • The following year, the first official Juneteenth celebration took place in Texas, and within a few years more states joined in on the celebrations, making it an annual tradition.

Educators Credit Union is proud to join the celebration of this historic day.

*History adapted from


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