Bitcoin has arrived!

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If you’ve been thinking about opening a Bitcoin account, now is the time. You can conveniently open your account today in Mobile Banking!

Opening a Bitcoin account is safe, simple, painless, and you don’t have to sign up for a complicated website to own Bitcoin. You can access your Bitcoin account through Mobile Banking right along with your checking and savings accounts!

Easy sign up and immediate access.

The process is simple, and you’ll be able to buy and sell Bitcoin right away. You’ll also have access to education about crypto to help make your experience even more seamless.

Clear account information.

You’ll see your balance and transactions in both Bitcoin (BTC) and US dollars. Also, we show you all transaction fees before you place a trade, so you’re never surprised with hidden fees.

Manage your Bitcoin account in Mobile Banking.

You can trade Bitcoin 24/7.

Automatic documentation for tax time.

You won’t have to request or track down anything. We’ll provide your transaction receipts and tax documents automatically.

Ironclad platform thanks to NYDIG.

NYDIG utilizes cold storage for the safe keeping of Bitcoin, adhering to the highest security, regulatory, and operational standards.

Bitcoin is the first and largest cryptocurrency, and you can join more than 100 million users around the world! Open your account today. Get started right in Mobile Banking.


Bitcoin services are provided to you solely by NYDIG Execution LLC (“NYDIG”) upon opening an account with NYDIG. Bitcoin trading involves risks, including possible loss of value. Not secured by the NCUA or SIPC. See Terms at sign up for detail, including eligibility, risks and licenses.


4 thoughts

    1. Hi Tonya,
      Once you log in to Mobile Banking, click “More,” “Accounts,” then “Crypto.” From there, you will be able to open your Bitcoin account.

    1. Hi Dan,

      Thank you for the question. Members are not able able to transfer funds from Mobile Banking to an external wallet.

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