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Celebrating Hmong Heritage Month

Design for Hmong Heritage Month

April is Hmong Heritage Month! Educators Credit Union is proud to celebrate and honor the contributions, history and culture of the Hmong community. To commemorate this significant month, here are a few facts about Hmong heritage and Hmong Heritage Month:

  • April is recognized as Hmong Heritage Month to pay tribute to the first Hmong family’s arrival to the US in April 1976.
  • The four major Hmong dialects can be recognized by the color of their garments – green, white, black or striped.
  • There are 18 clans within the Hmong community, and last names represent the different clans. These clans are Chang (Cha), Chue, Cheng, Fang, Hang, Her (Herr), Khang, Kong, Kue, Lor (Lo, Lao), Lee (Ly), Moua, Pha, Thao (Thor), Vang, Vue, Xiong and Yang.
  • The “story cloth” has been an important part of Hmong culture for centuries. Story cloths document important scenes, events or narratives from Hmong history and culture. These needlework designs are created on a flat textile surface (rather than as part of a costume).

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